What is super?

It’s about putting money away for your future. It’s also an opportunity too good to waste.

Make the most of your super

Understand this simple trade-off and you’re on your way. Super offers extremely generous tax concessions on your savings – the best tax deal in town. Your part of the bargain is that the savings are for your retirement years. It’s that simple.

Getting started

Employers are obliged to put a certain amount of your wages into super. It’s called the Super Guarantee or SG.

They are also obliged to give you the choice as to which fund it goes to.

Choosing the right fund, and not paying lots of fees and charges for things you don’t want, can make a huge difference to your final balance.

Amalgamate your super

Changing jobs and changing circumstances can leave you with a mish-mash of small funds in your collection. Often this means a doubling up of fees and charges, accounts that get “lost”, and a gradual wasting away of your hard earned dollars.

You can choose to roll your super into one fund, and take that fund with you to your next employer, and your next. Friends for life.

Retirement Planning

Towards the business end, as you prepare for your eventual retirement, there is much that can be done to maximize the value and income-earning potential of your nest egg. There are specific Transition To Retirement provisions and other strategies that can be employed to make your retirement more comfortable.

Financial Planning

Super is likely to be central to the financial plans of most Australians. But it is important that its part in the overall plan is properly thought out and integrated with your other aspirations – home ownership, insurance, family welfare and so on. Yes, we can help.

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ARA Retirement Fund

ARA has developed a superannuation fund for the exclusive use of our clients. Central to the product’s offering is ARA’s prudent investment management philosophy, absence of any sales or product commissions, and the provision of sound ongoing financial planning advice as part of the package.

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