Our Team

Alan Rimmer

Managing Director

Alan has had a lengthy career in financial planning and management roles with the COUNT group, Wilson Dilworth and Perpetual. He founded ARA in 2002 to provide personal financial services free of the shackles of corporate ownership.

A devoted family man, he spends his spare time looking for rocket ship movies he hasn’t seen yet, and wondering where his hair went.

Industry Experience

30+ years

A Space Odyssey viewings


Spreadsheet Wizardry


Debbie Comben

General Manager - Business Operations

In a career spanning ‘over 30 years’ Debbie has performed every role in financial services except actually printing the money. (See ‘Hobbies’ section).

She ensures we have a functional and efficient workplace and operating platform by managing the relationships with our service providers.

The quintessential Jill-of-all-trades and go-to girl, Debbie intricately combines the necessary technical expertise with the ancient art of hand-to-hand combat. Few would argue.

Industry Experience

40+ years

Love of travel


Care factor


Rebecca Cameron

Manager, Financial Services

Rebecca manages the Planning and Administration teams and is also our main go-to for technical queries. Ask her a technical query and she’ll have the answer and a list of website references before you’ve put the phone down.

Somehow she’s also struck the balance between wine appreciation and marathon running (you just ditch the running bit, right?!)

Industry Experience

20+ years

Dan Murphy's Member Status


Technical Mastery


Rob Jaskiewicz

Financial Planner

Rob’s financial planning career began in 1998. Prior to that he spent twenty years at Centrelink, ten of them in the Financial Information Service, and survived with a sense of humour. Of sorts.

Also a devoted family man, his other interests include reciting the entire back catalogue of “Get Smart” episodes verbatim.

Industry Experience

20+ years

'Dad joke' repertoire



and...loving it!

Duncan Essery

Financial Planner

Duncan is a Certified Practising Accountant, but we employed him anyway. Fifteen years specialising in financial planning and he’s almost human again.

Plus as a lifelong Demons supporter, he’s proven his resilience in the face of extreme adversity and utter hopelessness.

Industry experience

15+ years

Dedication to footy tipping


Success in footy tipping


Elly Rimmer

Financial Planner

Elly is a dedicated member of the Planning team and devoted chocolate enthusiast. She’s a stickler for correct spelling and gramma, and loathe’s an errant apostrophe.

She is living proof that bright personality and stunning good looks are hereditary.

Industry experience

8+ years

Chocolate intake


Proof-reading skil


Desi Palios

Centrelink Liason Officer

Desi is ARA’s dedicated in-house Centrelink guru and liason officer. She treats the staff to a stream of Greek delicacies direct from her kitchen, and to classical music for two hours of each day – courtesy of Centrelink’s on-hold program.  

She used to work with Rob at Centrelink and thought that coming here was an escape…D’oh!

Industry experience

3+ years

Kitchen wizardry


Patience with Centrelink